My intent with this blog is to open a forum where, from one human being to another, we can pour out our tears regarding the horrendous, inconceivable acts of unnecessary violence and inhumanity carried out by some Europeans against the innocent FIRST NATION, the MILLIONS of peoples living on the American continent when the English "discovered" this "new" land. It wasn't "new" to the peoples who occupied it, but it's a nice way to put it in the history books so that the white offspring of generations to follow have NO REAL IDEA of what went on in this country. I'm white and until I watched 500 Nations and digested what really happened to our darker skinned brothers and sisters, I just didn't really understand why I would get the cold shoulder by some American Indians. NOW I UNDERSTAND! Like the Tibetans in China, it is very very hard to swallow that your country was stolen by some stronger peoples, and that now you are living on the very fringes of society, barely surviving. Every day you visualize how life used to be, how it still should be, your customs, your beautiful streams and mountains, the ancient traditions of generations before you. GONE. LOST. DEAD. And now alcohol is killing what's left of it. And your one river is drying up. And you don't know how much more land will be taken from your children. It makes me seriously sick to my stomach to realize what our ancestors did, how they used and abused and lied and cheated and deflowered and murdered using their CHRISTIAN GOD as their excuse. They killed just to kill at times, just to the name of God...just kill the "heathens"! If I didn't know sweet, wonderful, sincere, loving Christian people I would HATE CHRISTIANITY! There is NO DAMN EXCUSE for what they did when they had other options, which was most of the time. It was just easier to erase them. These sort of white men make me want to erase them from the face of this world. They are the ones who should have gone down. There were other ways to settle here. We didn't have to wipe out so many tribes, so many innocent women and children. We didn't need to kill other human beings. We didn't have to have the best land for ourselves. We didn't have to take ALL the land, kill ALL the buffalo, take their children away from them to make them into little Christian Europeans. I cannot believe this took place only 100 years ago. I'm sickened and appalled. I am compelled to stay up all night to set up this blog, to apologize a hundred million times, which can never be enough. Please help me heal this wound in the hearts of the FIRST NATION. Please apologize here and now. We owe them at least that much!


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The White Buffalo Prophecy tells of a time when a white buffalo calf would be born, and that birth would signal a time of Great Healing for All Nations. That white buffalo calf - the first of many - was born in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1994. Her name was Miracle.

The birth of a White Buffalo is a rare event. It occurs as the result of a recessive mutation that leaves the hair follicles without the dark pigment melanin.

Due to the remarkable appearance and rarity over the centuries, a White Buffalo became a powerful spirit in First Nation's plain cultures.

The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman tells of a Great spirit appearing as a beautiful young woman, dressed in white buckskin, who presented a sacred pipe and knowledge as gifts to the Lakota People. On leaving the village, she turned into a White Buffalo Calf.

It is in the spirit of the White Bison Prophecy, that we call upon all peoples to join us in signing this petition supporting a US apology and healing for the widespread abuse of Native American children at the nearly 500 schools funded by the US government to assimilate Native.



  1. The petition was closed. When I learned the true story of the American Indian as a freshman in college 1971, I became permanently embarrassed by my ancestors. We need to teach our children, it is our responsibility to speak and teach the truth.

    To any Washichu the path to redemption goes through your heart.


  2. i am a native american, i am from the sicangu oyate, a lakota women from the rosebud sioux tribe. i am disgusted with white people, they have done nothing to help us. they broke treaties. did you ever watch the canary effect on youtube? how they murdered children and women? i just graduated high school class of 2012! and i want to make a difference.i am currently attending sinte gleska unviersity college. i am not some dirty indian. i am beuatiful and wakan (sacred).i know my history and what was done to my ancestors. it breaks my heart that what i was reading about the europeans, smashing babies into rocks and hanging 20 people at a time. it is just so wrong. how can they live and act like nothing ever happened? ... i have learned to respect people of a different race,my heart was healing until i learned the truth.

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